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If you are in the mood for a bite to eat, then you have come to the right place. Serving fine delicatessen food is what we are all about. The setting is informal and the mood is relaxed.

The atmosphere is casual and friendly, like a classic New Jersey luncheonette. If you are wondering “what is a classic NJ luncheonette?”, it is one that serves traditional “comfort food”, i.e., good, old fashioned breakfast and lunch fare. A classic Jersey-style luncheonette has counter-style seating for the coffee-and-newspaper crowd in addition to table seating. And most importantly, the menu consists of homemade-to-order dishes, that are simple, satisfying and delicious, like our famous macaroni and cheese.

Daily specials, including homemade soups, breakfast sandwiches, chalk board and lunch box special deals round out our menu items.

Everything is available for pickup or delivery. So stop by, experience a classic NJ luncheonette, while enjoying friendly service and delicious food.

How To Find Us (for Pickup or Dine-In)