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From time to time, we offer coupons for lunch on Groupon.   Our regulars love the Groupons and we enjoy the opportunity to bring in new people that otherwise may not have known about Cozy.

An unexpected consequence of offering Groupons is that our customers, both old and new gave us such wonderful reviews on the Groupon site!  We are humbled and flattered, and we share some of the recent reviews here that our customers left on Groupon.  Of course, you can always check out the most current reviews on the Groupon websites.  (The “verified” stamp means the review was posted on Groupon by someone that bought one of our deals.)

Thank You to all our clients!

Cozy is a very nice place . The staff is nice & the food is excellent!!!! I just love going there to get some delicious food!!!! Arlene T. · June 23, 2017 · Verified

Awesome food, very friendly service will definitely go back Sonia C. · February 17, 2017 · Verified

Great service! Their soups are a must. Very fair prices. Great place to sit and chat. Love going ! Chris V. · June 8, 2017 · Verified

Cozy corner had the best food D G. · April 14, 2017 · Verified

Had a wonderful experience at Cozy Corner. Good was great, service was great. Nothing bad about this place. Try it out!! Michele E. · 2 hours ago · Verified

The food was very good an the waiter was funny what else can you ask for. Patricia L. · November 3, 2016 · Verified

Fabulous, excellent services Tracy H. · October 25, 2016 · Verified

Fast, Friendly, attentive service. Food was great, so was the coffee and my cup was never empty! A slice of Americana . We will be back. Glen V. · 5 days ago · Verified

Great food! Great service! Julia F. · May 11, 2017 · Verified


Nothing fancy but a nice local deli for eat in or take out. Great selection of hot and cold sandwiches with a daily special menu. Penny C. · February 23, 2017 · Verified

Very nice. Thadeus P. · January 22, 2017 · Verified

Food was just ok. Server was filthy with food all over his apron. Lisa M. · January 17, 2017 · Verified

I took my Great Niece There for lunch. The service was excellent, and the waitress was very friendly. I had the BLT with advocado which was deliscous. I would order it again. Gladys A. · September 23, 2016 · Verified

Great place Euclides F. · November 13, 2016 · Verified

Will be coming back soon Shayron T. · October 27, 2016 · Verified

The 1st time we sat 10 mins no one came over, I went to the counter & was told someone would be over to take our order. No one came, we left after another 5 or so. Today we tried again, I went directly to the counter, was told someone would be right over. We waited almost 10 mins. A man came by & asked did anyone take your order, “no” I answered. He said ” be right back let me get a piece of paper”. He did took our order, then another employee came & retook it. All the while people are working diligently preparing take out orders and running to answer the phones.. We finally get our soup, more people coming in, they are waiting & waiting. Well now I know it’s not us. 30 mins before we get our corn beef & pastrami sandwiches. We just asked for boxes to go. Another customer behind us kept asking for his soup after waiting too long. Might be great on catering & delivery but terrible on eat in. No system, you sit, maybe somebody notices you & comes over eventually, but 3-4 people working hard preparing deliveries. Forget about the customers sitting at the tables you’re not important. Oh yeah didn’t even know there was a daily special menu (the regulars seem to know), it was never offered nor was any utensils placed on our table. Jacque B. · April 25, 2017 · Verified

Good food good service Elva R. · July 29, 2016 · Verified

The sa cheesesteak was really good. I love the one with peppers covered with cheese. I would buy at Cozy again even without groupon. Maria T. · July 28, 2016 · Verified

Yummy and the staff was friendly…..
Do not judge this deli for it’s exterior look! The food is amazing and the prices extremely reasonable. The sandwiches are out of this world good! And the chili and soup delicious! Tere · August 2, 2014 · Verified

Great place to eat but need to advertise the business more. Not a lot a people know Cozy Corner Deli’s exist. Daneasha · July 23, 2013 · Verified

Excellent service and great sandwiches! Norma R. · February 1, 2016 · Verified

Many of their soups are made fresh on site. My wife and I had chicken noodle soup and chili, respectively, and they were both flavorful and delicious. The chili was particularly thick and rich. The burger and pulled pork sandwich we had were both ample and tasty, and the service was stellar. Allen · September 26, 2014 · Verified

Great menu, and good food. Great value for the buck. Steven W. · March 4, 2016 · Verified

Excellent food and excellent service! Chris V. · May 24, 2016 · Verified

Great food and great service. Definitely 2 thumbs up Danielle P. · May 17, 2016 · Verified

The food was great, and the staff was very friendly! Tamara E. · April 9, 2016 · Verified

Food is good and the wait staff is excellent! Allison P. · May 15, 2014 · Verified